Ministik Hills Dog Training

Training for the Dog Living in Rural Communities


Ministik Hills Dog Training & Consulting... 

Serves the needs of dog owners living in Counties of Strathcona, Camrose, Beaver and surrounding areas.  This rural based company makes it possible to access experienced, professional dog training and problem solving closer to home.

Instruction is available through private consultations, group classes and training sessions with Kris Rooney, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and long time Elementary Teacher and Counselor.  

Owners receive guidance in training their dog using positive, reward based techniques, referring to the latest scientific research into how dogs learn.  The emphasis on training lies in using force-free practises to assist dog owners in building a relationship of trust and respect between themselves and their dog. 

Phone 780 977 9223 or contact Ministik Hills for more information.

"Building Relationships Based on Mutual Respect"