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Basic Manners Group Class: "Mind Your Manners"

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Is your dog a Kitchen Superstar? He may be able to Sit and behave calmly while in your home, but what happens when company comes over or you take him out into the public with you?


This Basic Manners Class will provide you with information on canine communication and learn how to teach commands to your dog.  Working with your dog in a classroom/group setting can help teach him to focus on you during distractions or outside of your home.  The training techniques involve the use of treats and/or toy rewards initially, and generous praise to teach the behaviors desired, with gradual lessening of treat/toy use over time.

Skills taught include: Settle/Relax, Sit, Down, Stay, and Come When Called. This class also includes controlling impulsive behaviour, focus commands, gentle leash use, and tips for solving common problems. 

Prepare for class by bringing a flat collar with a secure buckle, a 6 foot leash and plenty of your dog's favorite treats. Treats should be very yummy from the dog's point of view and cut into pieces that are about the size of a pencil eraser.  Please do not feed your dog prior to class, so that he will be more motivated to work with you. Proof of up to date vaccinations must be provided with registration to ensure the safety and health of all canine participants.  Those lacking documentation will not be allowed to bring their dog to class. This class is suitable for dogs aged 5 months and up.

Phone 780 977 9223 or contact Ministik Hills if you have questions.