Ministik Hills Dog Training

Training for the Dog Living in Rural Communities

Private Training Lessons

Private Training Lessons make it possible to work one-on-one with an Instructor. 


The number of sessions may vary according to the needs of the dog, the goals of the owner and the progress the team makes. The benefit of working one-on-one is that the owner can be guided through training techniques and assisted, if need be.  Private Training Lessons are particularly helpful for those unable to attend weekly classes or if one wishes to work individually with few distractions. In-home sessions are subject to a mileage charge.  Meetings may be scheduled to take place at Hastings Lake Animal Hospital to save on mileage costs.

Puppy Head Start

The first 6 months of your dog's life are critical for learning. Set the stage for preventing problems down the road with Puppy Head Start. Concepts covered include: impulse control, chewing and nipping, meeting humans politely using Sit, potty training, feeding tips, appropriate play with humans and other dogs, and what true socialization involves. 

A 1.5 hour lesson starts at $120. Suited for pups up to age of 20 weeks.

Puppy Plus Program

The Puppy Plus Program includes all information available in Puppy Head Start, plus commands such as Down, Come and Watch, introduction to gentle use of the leash to prevent pulling in the future, and information on how children can interact safely and respectfully with your pup.

Suited to pups up to the age of 20 weeks. 2 lesson package of 2.5 hours begins at $200.         

Best Buds Program

Imagine spending time with your dog that is enjoyable and eliminates the frustration of behaviours that drive you crazy. The Best Buds Program offers a choice of commands that can include the 5 following: Sit, Down, Come, Stay/Wait, Watch Me, Settle/Calm Down, No Jumping Up. Appropriate for dogs aged 5 months and up with no history of aggression. 3 lesson package of 3.5 hours begins at $260. 

My Dog Rocks Program

This Training Program includes 5 selected commands as provided in Best Buds, plus Polite Leash Manners, Go to and Stay on a Mat, Leave It, Drop It. Appropriate for dogs aged 5 months and up with no history of aggression. 5 lesson package of 5 hours begins at $420.

For more information phone 780 977 9223 or contact Ministik Hills.

Photo:  Thor and his young trainer.  This team is a perfect example of just how effective and simple the MHD training techniques can be, without the need for physical force to get Thor to comply.  Navin is doing all the training himself, and is an excellent student.