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Puppy Kindergarten

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A new puppy added to your household? Are you already frustrated by the chewing, nipping and jumping up? Relief is possible!

Puppy Kindergarten will offer answers to your questions and provide the opportunity for critical safe social interactions. Socialization goes far beyond just meeting the dog down the road or across the alley. There are so many objects, sounds, sights and people that your puppy must experience safely to help prepare for the real world.

Kindergarten Class offers opportunity for your pup to meet humans politely, play appropriately with others and begin the first steps towards learning some very basic commands. 

To prepare for class, bring along a healthy puppy, a flat collar and/or harness, 6 foot leash, your puppy's kibble and treats, and your sense of humour. 

Suited to pups up to the age of 20 weeks. Please discuss vaccination requirements with the instructor prior to the class.