Ministik Hills Dog Training

Training for the Dog Living in Rural Communities

Puppy Consultation

Have you added a new puppy to your household only to find that the little critter seems to be turning your life upside down?  Does the chewing, nipping and cleaning up seem endless?

The early weeks and months of development are critical socialization periods and optimal time for learning.  Social contact and training can influence the kind of dog you eventually end up with. The time to start training is now.  

Puppy Head Start Program

Set the stage for preventing problems down the road with Puppy Head Start. Concepts covered include: Impulse control, chewing and nipping, meeting humans politely with a Sit, crate use, potty training, feeding tips, appropriate play with humans and other dogs, and what true socialization involves. 

$120 for an hour 

Suited to pups up to the age of 20 weeks

Puppy Plus Program

The Puppy Plus Program includes all the information available in Puppy Head Start, plus commands such as Down, Come and Watch, introduction to gentle leash use to prevent pulling in the future, and information on how children can interact safely and respectfully with your pup.

$200 for 2 lessons, 1 hour each meeting

Suited to pups up to the age of 20 weeks

In-home consultations may be subject to a mileage charge, depending upon your location.

Phone 780 977 9223 or contact Ministik Hills for more information.