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Sanity Saver Program

Is your dog driving you crazy while cooped up inside during the cold weather? Call now to book the 

Sanity Saver Program and discover activities that can dial down some of that energy and create peace for your household.

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Mileage may be charged for each visit, depending on your location

Call 780 977 9223 or 

Payment Options:

E-transfers addressed to "[email protected]" with your security question being one 

that may be answered with the word "dogs."


Cheques written to Ministik Hills Dog Training and addressed to 

51072 Range Road 203, Sherwood Park AB T8G 1E4

Phone 780 977 9223 or email [email protected] for more information. 

Dogs must have up to date vaccinations for the safety of all dogs participating in the classes.  

Please be prepared to show proof. 

Ministik Hills is located at 51072 Range Road 203, Sherwood Park AB T8G 1E4

51072 Range Road 203 Tofield AB