Ministik Hills Dog Training

Training for the Dog Living in Rural Communities

Private Training Programs

Private Training Programs make it possible

 to work one-on-one with the Instructor to

 meet your dog's specific needs. 

Call  780 977 9223

Private Training Programs can be particularly helpful for those unable to attend weekly classes or if one wishes to work privately  with fewer distractions. The number of sessions may vary according to the needs of the dog, the goals of the owner and the progress the team makes. 


Training Packages anywhere from two to six sessions are available, with price advantages increasing in relationship to the number of sessions that are committed to. Dog and owner teams work at a rate suitable for each dog. 

Arrangements may be made for working in-person, out-doors here at Ministik Hills weather permitting. Under some circumstances, in-home training sessions are available with mileage charged.

 Please e-mail for more details on pricing.