Ministik Hills Dog Training

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The Latest News

Above: Aren't they precious playing together?

Left: Here's my broken ankle as a result of the puppies taking me out at the knees from behind.

The Latest News is Not Great. 

Aren't dogs a joy? Puppies especially!

Quinn and Cooper were wrestling and running and slammed into me from behind. The result? A broken ankle.

Consequently, Ministik Hills Dog Training Services will be on hold for a number of weeks. At this time, it's hard to pin down a date that I will have full mobility. Right now, I have next to none!

If you are a current client, I am available for questions regarding your dog's progress. I will not be taking on any new cases or clients. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Phone 780 977 9223 or email for more information. 

Dogs must have up to date vaccinations for the safety of all dogs participating in the classes.  

Please be prepared to show proof. 

Ministik Hills is located at 51072 Range Road 203, Sherwood Park AB T8G 1E4

51072 Range Road 203 Tofield AB