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The Latest News

Above: Aren't they precious playing together? Dangerous as well, since puppies Quinn and Cooper were the ones who took me out at the knees resulting in a broken ankle in May 2019.

Left & Below: Blake, my "project," my protector, my best-schooled & brightest dog, my heart-breaker.

Right: Our beautiful old fellow, Clancy, whom we lost in September 2019. Clancy was often employed as a demo dog for Ministik Hills and is missed terribly.

COVID 19 & Canines 

Ministik Hills Dog Training Services has been on hold since March 2020. These have been difficult times for many of us and it looks as if things will remain unsettled for a while as we all figure out how to navigate this strange new environment.

As of August, I will be accepting a limited number of new clients for private sessions. These will be conducted over the phone, making use of video to assist in evaluations and subsequent sessions. Some face to face training work may take place here at Ministik Hills, weather permitting, following physical distancing guidelines.  These careful measures must be followed as our household is one with persons at higher risk. 

If you wish assistance with your dog, please complete the contact form with as much detail as you can. And be ready to adapt to a new way of training, communicating and coaching!

Stay Safe. Be Well.

Phone 780 977 9223 or email for more information. 

Dogs must have up to date vaccinations. Please be prepared to show proof.  Dog owners must be in good health and not exhibiting any signs of possible COVID symptoms to participate here on location.

Ministik Hills is located at 51072 Range Road 203, Sherwood Park AB T8G 1E4

51072 Range Road 203 Tofield AB